About us

RULACOUTURE is an affordable luxury high - end fashion brand, specializing in modest womenswear made in Doha, Qatar.

The brand was born in 2014 when Founder, Rula, embarked upon a personal mission to create luxury modest fashion for the modern day woman - something that was necessary for the present day, but never widely accessible. RULACOUTURE focuses on presenting both luxury custom made fashion and contemporary apparel that is modest, timeless and comfortable. 

The brand has something for everyone, the collections focus on creating custom made finely crafted designs for those special occasions as well as an everyday range - for the busy on-the-go woman. Each piece tells its own story and stays relevant in the fast moving fashion industry. 

RULACOUTURE designs are chic, unique and glamorous. You can be sure to make a statement when dressed in this designer label. 

RULA by RULACOUTURE is a sub brand made in various countries which provides you with chic modest fast fashion. Much of this sub brand focuses on modest clothing and accessories for various occasions. We have recently brought in a baby section with matching mama outfits which will be dropping soon. 

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